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Quest Virtual Training – SQL Server Training on DMV’s

Quest Software put on a great all-day training event today on all things DMV courtesy of Brent Ozar (@brento on Twitter), Kevin Kline (@kekline on Twitter) and Ari Weil (@aweil on Twitter).

If you missed this great live event, don’t fret as you can catch the videos on-demand here. One of the amazing things about this event is also the fact that in-chat there are literally hundreds of folks swapping information and resources. Unfortunately when you watch it on-demand you miss out on some of those great chat conversations. Well fear not! I’ve saved the chat log and made it available for download for you so you can see the kind of interaction this great SQL community has. As was mentioned in chat several times, with the economy being the way it is training opportunities are priceless. So check out the on-demand recordings and definitely check out the chat logs as in conjunction with the live event and Twitter (event hashtag is #questQA)

Quest-Virtual-Training-chatlog (.zip format)

  • http://www.brentozar.com Brent Ozar

    Cool, good thinking with the chat log! We should expose that on a web page so that it’s searchable too.

  • http://sqlchicken.com Jorge Segarra

    Thanks! Unfortunately I missed a portion of the chat (pre chatroom-pocalypse)