Meme Monday: 11 Words or Less

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Looks like time for another meme, this time from Tom LaRock (Blog | Twitter). He challenged us to write a blog post in 11 words or less, so here’s my entry:

With a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Use tools appropriately.

If you’re reading this then I’m tagging you! If you don’t blog then add you 11 word post in comments below!

5 thoughts on “Meme Monday: 11 Words or Less

  1. Ooo! That was very well done SQLChicken! Well done! Touche` sir!

    1. Thank you sir! Unfortunately some folks forget that not everything fits all situations *cough* *PowerShell* *cough* 😉

  2. Be remarkable. Have integrity. Success will follow.

    1. Nice, good one Brian!

  3. This is MY 11 word post. Or maybe it’s not. Hmmm…

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