T-SQL Tuesday #48– Cloud Atlas

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Welcome to this month’s (November 2013) edition of T-SQL Tuesday. For those not familiar this is rotating blog party that was started by Adam Machanic (@AdamMachanic | blog) back in 2009. Want to catch up on all the fun to date? Check out this nice archive (link) put together by Steve Jones (@way0utwest | blog). Thank you Steve!!!

Cloud: What’s Your Take?

Cloud. It’s the juggernaut buzzword in IT for the last couple of years now. By now you’ve surely been exposed to some aspect of it: Azure Virtual Machines, Windows Azure SQL Databases, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, etc. At this point in the game the cloud solutions are fairly mature and constantly evolving to better serve their customer base.

This month’s topic is all about the cloud. What’s your take on it? Have you used it? If so, let’s hear your experiences. Haven’t used it? Let’s hear why or why not? Do you like/dislike recent changes made to cloud services? It’s clear skies for writing! So let’s hear it folks, where do you stand with the cloud?


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20 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday #48– Cloud Atlas

  1. Jorge, the topic you chosen is one of my favourite ones! Thank you! Here is my blog post -> http://borishristov.com/blog/t-sql-tuesday-48-cloud-atlas/

  2. Thank you for hosting! My post can be found here: http://devjef.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/t-sql-tuesday-48-cloud-atlas/

  3. […] of Machanic’s blog-party-brain-child is writing outside of your comfort zone. In that sense this month’s TSQL Tuesday topic is a perfect place to start. The cloud is definitely not a topic I would have picked on my […]

  4. Mine went up earlier this morning: http://realsqlguy.com/t-sql-tuesday-49-cloud_scary/

  5. My thoughts and experiences, and first T-SQL Tuesday: http://jason-carter.net/professional/t-sql-tuesday-48-cloud-atlas.html

  6. Thank you for hosting this Jorge. My First T-SQL Tuesday Post – Why My Head is Always In The Cloud http://sqldbawithabeard.com/2013/11/10/tsql2sday-why-my-head-is-always-in-the-cloud/

  7. Here’s mine just in case. Apparently comments are broken in chrome – fyi

    1. Thanks for heads up, I’ll look into it

  8. Doesn’t look like the pingback is working – here is my post. http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne/archive/2013/11/t-sql-tuesday-48-my-take-on-the-cloud/

  9. Could have sworn I commented yesterday, but I’m not seeing it now http://mattvelic.com/tsql-tuesday-48/

  10. […] month, Jorge Segarra (Blog | @SQLChicken) is running T-SQL Tuesday on the cloud.  T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogging event where a number of us in the SQL Server community gets […]

  11. […] T-SQL Tuesday #48 – Cloud Atlas […]

  12. […] time we blogged about the cloud was back in december of 2013, when Jorge Segarra hosted this monthly party. Since then, “the cloud” (to use that buzz-word again) has […]

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